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  • Hot Tub Accessibility Accessories

    May 7, 22 • General InterestNo Comments
    Hot Tub Accessibility Accessories

    We often talk about the importance of water safety, yet naturally skip over the importance of hot tub accessibility. While it might be an easy topic to ignore, entering and exiting your hot tub should be effortless. For this reason, the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada shares this hot tub safety tip:Equip your hot tub
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  • Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub

    Apr 20, 22 • General InterestNo Comments
    Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub

    On March 20, we bid winter adieu and said hello to spring. For many hot tub owners, this is one of those magical seasons. Those who love to soak in the wee hours of morning or the in the late evening are rewarded with a chill, yet typically it no longer involves shovelling a path
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  • Pool Salt Specials

    Apr 9, 22 • General InterestNo Comments
    Pool Salt Specials

    When converting or maintaining a saltwater spa, hot tub or pool, be sure to look for specials on salt. In Canada, pool salt sales typically happen only in the summer months; so think ahead and stock up before the fall and winter months. At Hot Tub Covers Canada our teams loves using Flipp – be
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  • Covers for Inflatable Hot Tubs

    Mar 3, 22 • General InterestNo Comments
    Covers for Inflatable Hot Tubs

    With the cost of utilities continuing to soar (and with no end in sight), is it any wonder homeowners are reluctant to install a built-in hardshell hot tub? While hardshell hot tubs can be very energy efficient, there is always a fear of the unknown. Here at Hot Tub Covers Canada, we have seen an
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  • Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

    Feb 7, 22 • General InterestNo Comments
    Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

    What to do when you love soaking in your hot tub, but you are tired of living with extremely dry skin? For many hot tub owners, there is something truly therapeutic about starting or ending the day with a hot tub soak. For some reason, the soothing waters have a way of making our troubles disappear.
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  • Tips for Hot Tubbing in Canadian Winter

    Jan 4, 22 • General InterestNo Comments
    Tips for Hot Tubbing in Canadian Winter

    With the holiday season behind us, many people are now in clean up mode. The tree comes down, decorations are put away and guest bedrooms made ready for the next visitors. This also means that Canadian winter is now in full swing; with many regions hunkering down for the coldest months of the year. Incredibly,
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    Nov 19, 21 • General InterestNo Comments

    Is your hot tub cover showing signs of nips, rips or tired vinyl? Perhaps it’s time for a new colour? If you purchased your cover from Hot Tub Covers Canada, our Replacement Hot Tub Cover Skin might be the solution to your vinyl woes. Purchase a replacement skin for your hot tub cover. Shipped directly
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  • Autumn Pick Me Up

    Nov 4, 21 • General InterestNo Comments
    Autumn Pick Me Up

    Anyone else struggling with the dark morning, chilly evenings and rainy days? While autumn is certainly rich with colour during the daytime hours, many of us are stuck inside home offices and miss out on the splendour. If this sounds familiar, we have a Wellness Wednesday tip from one of the Hot Tub Covers Canada
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  • Protect Your Hot Tub This Winter

    Oct 30, 21 • General InterestNo Comments
    Protect Your Hot Tub This Winter

    WHY USE A HOT TUB OR SPA COVER? A hot tub cover is an essential part of your spa system. A properly fitted, custom cover not only helps insulate, it also locks in the heat and reduces unwanted evaporation. Save on your electricity bills, cut down on cleaning, and keep out wanted detrius and debris
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  • Save Time and Money. Go Saltwater.

    Oct 11, 21 • General InterestNo Comments
    Save Time and Money. Go Saltwater.

    Say goodbye to the days of mixing and measuring. Make the switch to saltwater chlorination. Save Time.Save Money.Go Saltwater. Making the switch to a saltwater chlorine generator, otherwise called a salt water chlorinator or salt cell, is a natural and convenient alternative to conventional sanitization methods including solid or liquid chlorine...