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  • Spectacular Hot Tubs for your March Break Getaway

    Mar 8, 18 • TravelNo Comments
    Spectacular Hot Tubs for your March Break Getaway

    Megan Michelson just posted “The Go List” in time for last-minute March Break plans. If you’ve been trying to find a getaway spot the whole family can enjoy, then you owe it to yourself to do a little research. Worse case, keep this URL handy and be sure to do some advance planning for Winter
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  • It’s Open – Japan Has A Hot Tub Theme Park

    Aug 10, 17 • TravelNo Comments
    It’s Open – Japan Has A Hot Tub Theme Park

    Fans of the Under Cover Press may recall our post earlier this year, about the volcanic city of Beppu, located on the Japanese island of Kyushu, that wanted to open a hot tub theme park. Well, here we are, a little over 8 months later, and the world’s first “spamusement” park has opened! Delivering
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  • Renting a Cottage with a Hot Tub

    Renting a Cottage with a Hot Tub

    Cottage rentals are certainly gaining in popularity in Canada. This summer, a couple of the Hot Tub Covers Canada team members secured their summer vacation spots on Cottages in Canada. When we asked them why they insisted on booking via Cottages in Canada, we assumed it was the website’s reputation or safety features. Clearly, we assumed
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  • Hit the Hot Tub on the Fly

    Nov 10, 15 • Hot Tubs, TravelNo Comments
    Hit the Hot Tub on the Fly

    Long layovers.  Delayed flights.  Air travellers know there is nothing more frustrating than waiting at the gate. In response to consumer demands to improve air travel, airports around the world are adding fitness outlets to the typical collection of restaurants, fast food outlets, kiosks and shops. From skating rinks to yoga studios, meditation rooms, indoor tracks
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  • From Camping to Glamping

    Jul 24, 15 • TravelNo Comments
    From Camping to Glamping

    Staycations have become an increasingly popular option for many families.  But what to do when the children start crying boredom?  Go camping or glamping! From your backyard to car camping to backpacking to backcountry adventures, Canada is home to a wealth of outdoor adventures.  If you are looking for a change of scenery, no matter
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  • Natural Hot Springs in Canada

    Natural Hot Springs in Canada

    Natural hot springs remain a popular tourist attraction worldwide.  Canada is home to more than 60 locations with natural hot springs or mineral spas.  Radium Hot Springs, Takhini Hot Springs, and Banff Upper Hot Springs have become renowned for their healing waters and easy accessibility.  More adventurous travelers enjoy the challenge of hiking long-forgotten logging
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  • Hot tub cinema

    Aug 6, 13 • Entertaining, TravelNo Comments
    Hot tub cinema

    Have you ever been to a dive-in? No, that’s not a typo, it’s a dive-in. You’ve probably been to a drive-in; piling into the car with your friends, or family, grabbing snacks and blankets, and settling in for a nice movie. Drive-ins cinemas are hard to find now. Instead, a new cinematic trend is emerging:
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  • Going Over the Edge in Texas

    Jan 27, 13 • General Interest, Pools, TravelNo Comments
    Going Over the Edge in Texas

    With the hotel industry being so competitive, many hotels are looking to be bigger and better than their competitor. In the past, this was achieved by exceptional service, bigger and fancier rooms, and incentives. Skip forward to 2012, and you’ll notice hotels have a new way of getting your attention: extreme pools! Hotel Elan in
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  • Hot Tub and a Movie

    Dec 19, 12 • Entertaining, TravelNo Comments
    Hot Tub and a Movie

    Is there any activity that can’t be done in a hot tub? You’ve heard the phrase ‘everything has been done already’ right? Well if you changed it to ‘everything’s been done in a hot tub’ you’d probably be wrong. People are still combining their love for hot tubs and various other activities in new and
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  • How’s this for an outdoor pool?

    Dec 16, 12 • General Interest, Pools, Travel1 Comment
    How’s this for an outdoor pool?

    Outdoor swimming pools in Canada are a popular way for the entire family to enjoy the back yard and bask in the soaring summer temperatures. There are always a few risks associated with swimming, which typically include avoidable dangers such as not knowing how to swim, or swimming without adult supervision. But what about slipping
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