Spring Renewal: Opening Your Hot Tub for Spring

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Plenty of hot tub owners close it up for the winter. Maybe they don’t want to use it during that season or choose to go somewhere warmer. When it’s time once again to use the hot tub, it’s important to reopen it following the steps and tips in this guide so the hot tub cover and hot tub remain healthy and enjoyable. 

Find out what renewal priorities should be to enjoy the spring season with your hot tub. Brush up on cleaning, maintenance, and replacement tips specific to this change of season, whether you used it year-round or closed it for the season.

The effects of using it in winter

If the hot tub was in use throughout the winter, the water should still be filled and well-balanced. The cover should be in good condition if the user kept up with inspections and cleaning. Continuous use means the hot tub’s water will last into spring where it’s as simple as doing another inspection, clean, and chemical check to ensure it’s ready for further use.

The effects of closing the hot tub in winter

If the hot tub was shut down for the winter, preparing it for spring requires a few extra steps. Pre-winter hot tub maintenance likely means the water was drained, antifreeze lines the jets, and the hot tub cover has extra protection (to withstand ice, snow, and freezing temperatures). The hot tub now needs to come back to life.

1. Start reopening in early spring

In early spring, the inside of the hot tub hasn’t had a chance to become humid, thus creating mould. Excess moisture when the hot tub isn’t running can create mould on the interior of the hot tub cover and basin, as well as throughout the pipes.

2. Remove the winter hot tub cover

If, for the winter, you added a thermal cover, tarp, or extra padding, it’s time to remove them. The need to protect the hot tub against cold weather is gone. Don’t forget to properly clean and store any winter hot tub covers so they’re ready to use next year.

3. Check for water and debris

Part of this check is simply removing the hot tub cover and looking at the underside of the cover as well as the interior of the hot tub. Look for film, mould, debris, or moisture. 

Next, affix the draining pump and pump water through the jets to clear them.

4. Clean the hot tub cover

Get the hot tub cover prepared to do its job well by cleaning it. Use a soft cloth so it doesn’t scratch the surface and add an acrylic wax to help it last.

5. Clean the hot tub

There are many working parts within a hot tub. Now’s the time to clean them all. Wipe the interior of the hot tub with an acrylic cleaner. Use a soft sponge. Remove any water and/or debris with a submersible pump. Flush the system again to ensure the water runs clearly.

6. Inspect the hot tub

As the hot tub is getting back on its feet for the season, take the time to inspect individual parts to determine overall health and whether or not any replacements are needed before anything becomes a problem. Check for leaks or clogs. Check that filters are in good shape, the exterior paneling is strong, and the hot tub cover lift is still lifting the cover properly.

7. Get started on water chemistry

Once the hot tub is filled. Check the chemical balance. With the jets running and circulating the water, add one chemical at a time to let it fully mix in. This way you’ll ensure the right amount of chemicals are used before adding too much. This will also work as another test to see if everything is running as it should.

8. Check the hot tub functions

As the water chemistry balances, ensure each button on the hot tub’s control panel is doing its part. Check that each jet is running at full force. Remember, some jets turn off when twisted so make sure they’re on before worrying about a potential issue.

Using your hot tub in warmer weather

Of course, spring brings with it warmer weather. Here’s what we recommend to continue enjoying your hot tub, even as the temperature outside increases.

  • Lower the hot tub’s set temperature. Some will enjoy their hot tubs throughout the winter at 104°F, the recommended maximum. This might be hot without the contradicting cold weather. Shoot for between 99°F to 102°F in warmer weather so you don’t get overheated.
  • Don’t run the hot tub heater for a bit, or after lowering the set temperature much more. This creates a different experience, one more like a warm pool that can turn into an extra refreshing experience.
  • Stay hydrated. You’ll likely perspire more in warmer weather (especially in a hot tub) and not even realize it. Bring a water bottle with you or have a refreshing drink on standby so your body doesn’t get the negative effects of dehydration later.
  • Wear a hat or sunglasses, or position your hot tub in a shaded area. This way you can continue to enjoy the hot tub in warm weather without the added risks of sun exposure and/or overheating.
  • Use the hot tub at night. Not only does this create a more intimate, relaxing, and meditative ambiance, but it’s during a cooler part of the day and helps avoid exposure.

Be spring-ready with Hot Tub Covers Canada

If you’ve followed these steps, you’re probably ready to enjoy your hot tub safely this spring. Need a replacement hot tub cover, hot tub cover lift, or other hot tub accessories? Check out your options here. We have the tools to make hot tub maintenance simple.

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