Japanese Style Bathing

It’s a common complaint from both Japanese people living in North America, and from North Americans coming home after traveling to Japan, the bathtubs here are way too small and shallow!

Have you ever tried to have a bath in a western bath tub? Unless you’re small and/or short, it’s just about impossible for you to completely submerge in the water, necessitating that you leave various body parts exposed to frigid air. Basically the experience can be summed up with two words: ‘not fun’. Nor is it something most people bother repeating, most of us just end up just sticking with showers.

The Japanese however know how to take a bath. Their bathtubs may not be as long as the ones found in the west, but they make up for it a hundredfold by being deep! Even the smallest and poorest apartments in Japan will come with a decently deep bathtub, making it easy for even a tall person to sit and relax in hot water that comes right up to your neck.

So what’s a bath aficionado to do in North America? Of course getting a decent hot tub is one answer, but if you’re looking for a little taste of bathing Japanese style, you’re in luck. A quick search on google brings up a number companies that will cater to you. Some of them will even take custom orders and will build your tub by hand. Happy bathing!

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