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Hot Tub Covers Canada is a leading online source for quality hot tub and spa covers. We know our customers often need a new or replacement cover fast. By giving us our spa cover shape and a few key measurements, we can review your specs to ensure they match existing information in our database. Expect our team of customer service specialists to call you back within 24 hours to confirm your measurements and answer any questions, to guarantee a perfect fitting Hot Tub Cover every time. Once everything is in order, we will put your made-to-order cover in production right away.

Struggling with Measurements? 

Having trouble confirming your hot tub or spa dimensions? Rest assured that with over 45,000 covers produced, we have a large database from which to verify your hot tub brand, make and model.

Odd Shaped, Raised Speakers or Swim Spa Owner?

Yes, we can help craft a perfect fit hot tub cover – even for irregular shaped models or cabinets with raised speakers. We can also help produce special design solutions for large swim spa or commerical spa owners. If your hot tub measures in excess of 96″ across, please contact us directly to discuss the next steps.

At Hot Tub Covers Canada, our singular goal is to provide you with a top quality, durable Canadian-made replacement hot tub cover. Our covers are among the lightest in the industry and only approx. 1lb heavier per cover style upgrade. We offer several unique models that can be custom fitted to your outdoor spa or jacuzzi. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we now offer a 7 Year warranty (yes, 7 years!) on all of our covers.

All hot tub covers we sell are built to withstand the rigours of the harsh Canadian climate. Not every cover you find on the Internet will last in our weather. When doing your pre-purchase research, take the time to ask the various cover manufacturers how they ensure a cover is durable enough to last in Canada.

Hot Tub Covers Canada is committed to manufacturing a spa cover that will properly fit your tub. If you need help measuring your spa cover or have questions, please give us a call; we’re here and happy to help!


Hot Tub Covers Canada - Protecting Canada's Hot TubsHot Tub Covers Canada is a leading supplier of replacement hot tub covers and accessories designed with Canadian winters in mind. Be sure to visit to explore our products and gain valuable insight on hot tub maintenance .

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