Suffering from texting tendonitis? Hot tubbing can help!

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In the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of cell phones and other smart devices for texting, playing games, social connecting, shopping online — the list is endless. This has resulted in users experiencing more wrist, forearm, and finger pain, a condition known as “texting tendonitis.” Shoulder and neck pain and tension may also occur. To alleviate the pain and tension, there are a couple of excellent exercises you can perform twice a week. Bonus: these can be performed (with permission from your Doctor and/or Physiotherapist) in the hot tub!

The first exercise is called Opposing Muscle Strengthening. It involves closing your fingers, cupping your hand, and wrapping a rubber band around your thumb and fingers at the knuckle. You should then slowly open your hand, creating resistance against the rubber band. This exercise will work the muscles on the back of your hand.

The second exercise is Dumbbell Wrist Extensions. You should hold a 3-lb dumbbell and place your forearm on the bar top of the hot tub, with only your hand hanging over the edge. You should then relax your wrist and let the weight naturally drop your hand. After that, you should raise the weight so that your hand is parallel with your forearm. If 3 pounds is too heavy, you can try 1- or 2-pound weights.

After completing these exercises, use the hot tub jets on your wrists and forearms to increase circulation and relax your muscles. You can also try other tips such as limiting your texting time, keeping your messages short, typing with different fingers, and resting your phone on a surface rather than holding it up.

Caution: It is advisable to consult with your doctor if you have texting tendonitis, in order to get their advice and endorsement to try these exercises. Additionally, there are weights designed for use in a pool or hot tub, which can be a great solution for hot tub exercising.

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