Hot Tub Bears All

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We have already warned readers of the importance of using their hot tub cover, and even of locking their hot tub cover.

You might recall that we wrote about:

What might fall in while you are in the house or out running errands?

  • Leaves blowing in from nearby trees and bushes
  • Trash blowing in the wind (the more debris, the more chemicals you need to use, the more frequently you need to clean, and the more often you’ll need to replace the filter, which might not work as well as it should with all the debris accumulating.)
  • Creepy crawly things (Yuck!  Bugs!)
  • Small animals (You don’t want to wake up to a dead skunk in your hot tub, do you?)
  • Children (Yes, just like swimming pools, hot tubs can drown a small child who wanders in by mistake.)
  • Vandals, who are just wandering the neighbourhood looking to make mischief

Note that we mentioned “small” animals.  But this past week the news was all over the Internet about a black bear who took a fancy to a backyard hot tub.

In this case, the central Florida bear just walked straight through the screen surrounding the pool area.  Screens are not as tough and durable as hot tub covers, so it is no surprise that the bear had such an easy time of it.

“It was fun to see but I hope it doesn’t come back,” said hot tub owner Jenny Sue Rhoades.

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12 years ago

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good luck.

12 years ago

Good share…!!!
Post shares good reasons to have a cover for the hot tubs.I really found the reasons effective and buy covers for my hot tub soon.Thanks for aware me about this matter.

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