American Dad Warms up Season 7 in the Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are iconic; a pop culture phenomenon that sometimes pop up in the most unexpected places! This time, one has appeared in the newest season of American Dad.

American Dad, a sometimes crude, usually humourous Seth MacFarlane television creation, aired its seventh season premiere Sunday, September 25th.

In the episode, a hot tub makes an appearance! So does Cee Lo Green (of “Forget You” fame). In the episode, American Dad’s title character, Stan Smith, gets a hot tub and his life starts to fall apart (hilarious hijinks ensue).

See a teaser here!

Did you see the new episode? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

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12 years ago

I think anyone that sees this episode will think it was pretty good for the music. The lyrics are pretty funny and the jokes are okay. I like the episodes that have zinger jokes one after the other but this was great for a change of pace. They used the “Little Shop of Horrors” theme for this episode which would have worked well for Halloween too.

Sheryl C
12 years ago

So funny. I love American Dad.

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