Turn Your Hot Tub into an Outdoor Entertaining Spot

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This summer, be the place with the best outdoor entertainment space. Explore fun and creative ways to incorporate a hot tub into outdoor entertaining. Familiarize yourself with safety tips for hot tub parties, decorating ideas to create an inviting ambiance, and how to choose the right hot tub covers to match the aesthetic of summer outdoor decor.

Turning a hot tub into the focal point this summer

Your hot tub might just be sitting off to the side of your backyard right now, and while it’s still fulfilling all of its relaxation potential, it can be so much more. Instead of being a piece without a home, turn it into a spotlight and be the envy of the neighbourhood. Before planning your hot tub party, start with the following.

Set up the space

Instead of setting up a hot tub and leaving it at that, set up the space around it and make your backyard feel like a resort.


  • Plan seating around the hot tub for those taking a break from the heat or who want to feel included without sitting in the hot tub. Get some outdoor couches, chairs, or hanging swings for guests. Place an umbrella or a shade around the sitting area for some relief from the sun.
  • Decorate for aesthetics and ambiance. Pair the seating arrangements with seasonal pillows and throw blankets for evenings. Put out potted plants or decorations on a coffee table. Don’t be shy with decorations leading up to and surrounding the hot tub. It can make the space feel more private and tropical.
  • Control the atmosphere with lighting and music. These things can easily change the mood whether you want a romantic, exciting, or calm feeling.
  • Have extra towels on hand for guests. Go the extra mile with flip-flops for all and extra bathing suits for those who forgot.
  • Get a hot tub cover. Our hot tub covers accommodate either above-ground or in-ground hot tubs in many colours. They’re built strongly enough to support added weight and can be paired with hot tub cover lifts to make them easy to remove.
  • Clean your hot tub. With regular hot tub maintenance and chemical checks, there shouldn’t be much to do. Before having guests over, look for floating debris, that the water chemistry is correct, and the water isn’t cloudy. Examine the water in advance so you have time to make adjustments.

Get ready for hot tub party benefits

There are benefits to using a hot tub alone, such as relaxation, meditation, muscle and joint recovery, and personal reflection. But there are also benefits to hosting a hot tub party!

  1. Fresh air: You’ll get plenty in a hot tub. Even if the weather isn’t nice, you can get the benefits of fresh air in the warmth of the hot tub. Spending time outside, no matter the activity, has great health benefits. Fresh air reduces stress and anxiety. 
  2. Vitamin D: Hot tubbing in the sun has its benefits too so long as you stay hydrated and mind the heat. The sun helps produce vitamin D which boosts mood. It also helps with blood circulation, muscle tension, arthritis, chronic pain, and sleep quality.
  3. Quality time: Is it hard trying to fit in time for all the essentials in life? Things like family, friends, wellness, the outdoors, and downtime can be hard to squeeze in around work, exercise, and travel. But you can fit all these things into a hot tub. It will boost your mental wellness, relationship with others, and overall contentment. It’s a great way to reconnect with friends and family members.

Top ways to entertain with a hot tub

Food and drink

Everyone’s hoping for delicious food and trendy drinks when they go to a party, especially a hot tub party. Hot tubs are dehydrating and can make you hungry with all the getting in and out and hanging out around the backyard. 

Host your hot tub party alongside appetizers and refreshing drinks. Use a barbecue since you’re already congregating outside. Fill the air with the smell of fresh food and have another place for people to chat. If it’s a late-night party, use the grill for marshmallows; serve hot chocolate if it’s chilly, or fancy cocktails.

Plan a game night

Many options abound for creating a fun game night. Switch up the activities to ensure everyone feels included, even if they just want to sit back and watch. 

Waterproof cards and board games can be played in the hot tub. A hot tub cover can act as a playing table or a place to put drinks down. The games can come down a level to include young family members. 

Charades work for all ages and can be quite exciting. Use hot tub-related words, things that can only be acted out in the water, or things that will be more difficult to do in the water if you want an added challenge.

Stick to a theme

If you struggle with game ideas, food and drinks, decorations, and music, then choose a theme. A theme can inspire everything else, plus add excitement for guests. 

Think of who you’ll be hosting when choosing a theme. If you’re planning a family night, don’t choose a theme adults will appreciate but kids won’t. Choose something everyone can relate to, like a jungle theme. If you’re a young adult hosting a party for friends, use a theme like the nineties.

Host movie night

Set up a projector outside so you can sit in the hot tub with others and watch a movie. Even a laptop can be set up on a table to enjoy from the hot tub. Get the experience of a great movie at the same time as a cozy hot tub. Change it up instead of sitting on the couch.

Enjoy a spa night

Take hot tub relaxation to another level. Use floating lights, hot tub aromatherapy, and soft, relaxing music. Enjoy this with a friend or date to leave a stressful week behind. Set up a tray with face masks and hot tub-safe spa bombs for a special touch.


This is an excellent option to do from the comfort of a hot tub. You’ll have a warm seat to relax in while looking up at the stars and finding different constellations. Stargaze with kids to teach them about the stars and the universe, go with a date for an extra romantic night, or go alone for quality reflection time. Pair this with your favourite music, or nothing at all for some peace.

Staying safe with hot tub get-togethers

Keep everyone safe (especially animals and children) by installing a hot tub cover that can withstand a heavy load and protect the interior from the elements. Stay on top of your hot tub maintenance so it’s always ready to go for a well-planned, themed night, or a last-minute impulse date. 

Get started with the right hot tub cover. Shop your options here.

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