Hot Tub Cover. Spa Cover. Heat Shield.

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Hot Tub Cover. Spa Cover. Heat Shield.

No matter what you call the cover on your hot tub or spa, it is essential for keeping dirt, debris and contaminants from getting into your water. With a quality cover in place, you’ll find it faster to hop in, kick back and enjoy!

At Hot Tub Covers Canada, our singular goal is to provide you with a top quality, durable Canadian-made replacement hot tub cover. Our covers are among the lightest in the industry and only approx. 1lb heavier per cover style upgrade.

We offer several unique models that can be custom fitted to your outdoor spa or jacuzzi. They come in all shapes and sizes with a 7-year warranty.

All of our hot tub covers are built to withstand the rigors of the harsh Canadian climate. Not every cover you find on the Internet will last in our weather. Learn more about our range of products and accessories by visiting

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