2019 Backyard Trends – Hot Tubs Are Hot!

Now, more than ever, healthcare practitioners are recommending the therapeutic soaking as part of a health and wellness plan.

This news likely comes as no surprise to existing hot tub owners, but for newbies to the world of water therapy – you might be wondering why. The truth is that water therapy, or hydrotherapy, has been around for centuries. It is renowned for helping improve sleep patterns, easing stress and muscle tension, soothing sore joints, improving the symptoms of arthritis and above all, providing a way to reconnect with loved ones.

2019 Backyard Trends – Hot Tubs Are Hot!

Once upon a time, a hot tub was considered a luxury item that few could afford. Whereas now, there are a myriad of options on the market – from inflatables to deluxe models with sensory lighting, fountains, sound systems and yes, even televisions. Even maintenance is simplified, thanks to advances in technology that assist with temperature monitoring and water quality care.

For many, a spa provides a wonderful spot to relax and refresh the mind, or as a place to entertain. Add in the array of health benefits, and it’s no wonder many online articles have touted that “hot tubs are hot” in the world of backyard landscape and design. After all, don’t we all deserve to come home after a long day and kick back in our private oasis?


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