Renting a Cottage with a Hot Tub

Cottage rentals are certainly gaining in popularity in Canada. This summer, a couple of the Hot Tub Covers Canada team members secured their summer vacation spots on Cottages in Canada. When we asked them why they insisted on booking via Cottages in Canada, we assumed it was the website’s reputation or safety features. Clearly, we assumed wrong. Turns out it was all about being able to find cottages with waterfront access and a hot tub. Yes, hot tub!

hot tub cottage country rental

While some of us were baffled by their need for hot tubbing at a cottage, it turns out the feature is indeed highly sought-after. Enough so that “hot tub” is included on the Cottages in Canada “Features” list. Both staff members also noted that soaking in a “hot tub while on vacation in cottage country is like nothing else” and “the world around you is so peaceful and you can really see the stars”.

So, if you’re like our staff members who can not go even a week without soaking away in a hot tub – you may want to explore cottage rentals which include the use of a hot tub!


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