Natural Hot Springs in Canada

Natural hot springs remain a popular tourist attraction worldwide.  Canada is home to more than 60 locations with natural hot springs or mineral spas.  Radium Hot Springs, Takhini Hot Springs, and Banff Upper Hot Springs have become renowned for their healing waters and easy accessibility.  More adventurous travelers enjoy the challenge of hiking long-forgotten logging roads, only to be rewarded with authentic “hot wilderness baths”.

With domestic tourism on the rise, Hot Tub Covers Canada wants to share a few luxurious havens with our readers.

natural hot springsRadium Hot Springs – British Columbia
Known for its slogan “The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People”, Radium Hot Springs features odourless and crystal clear water, rich in minerals.

Considered Canada’s largest, Radium Hot Springs is located on the border of Kootenay National Park.  A family favorite destination thanks to skiing, snowboarding, golfing, and hiking, Radium reminds visitors to slow down, and enjoy the majestic landscape.  Surrounded by panoramic mountains, Radium is home to a large population of Bighorn Sheep and boasts stunning floral beautification.  A year-round destination, Radium Hot Springs should not be missed!

Miette Hot Springs, Alberta
If you are looking for hot, look no further than Alberta’s best kept secret: Miette Hot Springs.  Located in Jasper National Park, the Miette Hot Springs flows naturally at 129°F (54°C).  For safety and comfort, the water has to be cooled to 104°F (40°C) before it can enter the hot springs pools.

The scenic vistas of Jasper National Park, coupled with the waters of Miette Hot Springs, keeps families of all ages returning year after year.

AinsworthCavesAinsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia
Known for its unique horseshoe shaped cave, Ainsworth is home to the most phenomenal steam bath in Canada.  With waters high in mineral content, yet fully odourless, Ainsworth has become a go-to destination for business travelers to families.  No words can do justice to the caves and stalactites, so Ainsworth Hot Springs put together a virtual tour.  Just don’t blame us if the cavernous waters entice you into a trip to the resort!


Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta
Inducted into Canada’s Register of Historic Places, Banff Upper Hot Springs was discovered in 1884.  banffuhsFor over a century, weary travelers have taken to the waters in Banff, amidst breathtaking alpine backdrops.  The modern day facility offers a bathhouse and spa, and has become a premier tourist destination.  After a long day on the slopes, or hiking the trails in Banff National Park, be sure to relax your aching muscles at Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon
TakhiniFrom the Northern Lights to the Midnight Sun, the Yukon is indeed “Larger Than Life”.  Thanks to a culture rich with respect for the Earth, the awe-inspiring wildlife and landscape take central stage.  A short drive from Whitehorse, visitors to the Takhini Hot Springs are rewarded with two connected hot pools of sulphur-free, calcium, magnesium and iron rich water.  With a comfortable 104°F (40°C) temperature, the Takhini Hot Springs pools are suitable for all ages.  An added bonus to a trip to Takhini – the 300+ acre facility allows guests to snowshoe, cross country ski, hike or run on well-marked trails.  They even have a climbing tower and zipline for the more adventurous travelers!

Have you visited one of Canada’s natural hot springs?  How did it compare to your personal hot tub?  Please share your experiences with us, and help other travelers and hot tub lovers discover the secret of natural hot springs!

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