It’s Open – Japan Has A Hot Tub Theme Park

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Fans of the Under Cover Press may recall our post earlier this year, about the volcanic city of Beppu, located on the Japanese island of Kyushu, that wanted to open a hot tub theme park.

Japanese Island Set To Open Hot Tub Theme Park

Well, here we are, a little over 8 months later, and the world’s first “spamusement” park has opened! Delivering on its kickstarter promises for unique entertainment and attractions, the park takes a guest’s immersion to a new level. The highly anticipated roller coaster came to fruition; lathering its passengers with hot, soapy water before leaving the station. Other eclectic and bizarre elements of the park include actors portraying zombies (we’re not sure how this fits into the spa theme), a pedal-powered monorail, a hot springs swimming pool complete with water slides, and a hot tub carousel.

Interestingly enough, the “spamusement park” is only slated to operate for three days at the existing Beppu Rakutenchi theme park grounds in Beppu. The city crowdfunded approximately 82 million yen ($950,00 Canadian dollars) of voluntary contributions and only the contributors who donated a certain amount of money were being allowed entry. It was estimated the ‘spamusement’ park could see 12,000 visitors on the first day. What will happen to the park and its water-filled rides after this three day period is unknown.

About Beppu City

Visitors to Beppu City quickly discover it is always engulfed in steam. Home to Japan’s largest active volcano, the geothermal activity in the area is intense. More than 3,000 hot springs vent over 130,000 tons of scalding hot water each and every day. Considered the premier hot springs resort, local and tourists alike are known for flocking to the island of Kyushu for a lifetime experience.

For videos and images from the Beppu Spamusement Park, check out #spamusement on Instagram.

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