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Have you ever been to a dive-in? No, that’s not a typo, it’s a dive-in. You’ve probably been to a drive-in; piling into the car with your friends, or family, grabbing snacks and blankets, and settling in for a nice movie. Drive-ins cinemas are hard to find now. Instead, a new cinematic trend is emerging: Hot tub movie theatre.

That’s right, in countries throughout the world, dive-in cinemas are beginning to pop up. Rather than piling into the car, you pile into one of the many hot tubs in front of the big screen. But this is more than just a trend, it seems that hot tub cinemas are here to stay.

It started with the major cities such as London, UK and Sydney, Australia ,and is quickly entering smaller and more scattered areas. People just can’t resist giving it a try. Let’s face it, the idea of sitting in the hot tub with friends while watching a movie sounds pretty tempting.

Hot tub cinemas come at a cost. Unlike conventional movie theatres, a night out at a hot tub cinema will cost you about $60 per person. But a unique experience like this one may be worth the price.

Have you gone to a “dive-in” yet? Would you like to give hot tub cinema a try?

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