Hit the Hot Tub on the Fly

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Long layovers.  Delayed flights.  Air travellers know there is nothing more frustrating than waiting at the gate.

In response to consumer demands to improve air travel, airports around the world are adding fitness outlets to the typical collection of restaurants, fast food outlets, kiosks and shops.

airport hot tub singapore

Photo Credit: Changi Airport Singapore

From skating rinks to yoga studios, meditation rooms, indoor tracks and playgrounds, there are also rooftop parks, pools and hot tubs.  So, where is this elusive hot tub?  At the Changi Airport in Singapore, overlooking the runway, you can enjoy a swim, relax in the hot tub, or kick back and enjoy refreshments.  As you can see, airport “attractions” are becoming the new norm.

Want to get your fit on?  AirportGyms.com is working hard to maintain a current database of airport facilities across Canada and the United States.  Details including hours of operation, inclusions and fees are regularly updated.



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