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  • The Health Benefits of Hot & Cold Water

    Oct 3, 18 • HealthNo Comments
    The Health Benefits of Hot & Cold Water

    We came across an excellent post on Instagram that outlined the health benefits of both hot and cold water bathing. View this post on Instagram Throughout time, people have recognized the health benefits of using hot and cold water to increase circulation throughout the body and improve overall health. Some people even take cold showers
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  • The Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    Jun 8, 17 • Hot Tub EducationNo Comments
    The Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    A Hot Tub Covers Canada client recently shared an interview with a sports medicine doctor on the benefits of using a hot tub cover lifter. We promise it is a very quick read and could be beneficial for anyone who may be using their hot tub for therapeutic reasons. “I would highly advise my patients
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  • Winter Hot Tubbing

    Jan 12, 15 • HealthNo Comments
    Winter Hot Tubbing

    Rainy weather, snowy days. When the weather changes, we instinctively let ourselves become inactive. It is an innate reaction as our bodies seek out ways to keep warm. Sadly, this natural behavior is harmful to our mind and muscles. When you drive home in the pouring rain or on snow covered streets, you inherently strain
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