Don’t Skimp On Your Hot Tub Cover

Malley Family Hot Tub Covers made by Hot Tub Covers CanadaAs technology improves, so does our ability to maintain a backyard leisure product. One time chores (ask us about the time we used to spend sanding and staining our hot tub cabinet!) have gone to the wayside as innovative materials, apps and built-in solutions now address common maintenance requirements. Yet for all the forward-thinking devices and tools, there are still people do not see the benefit of using a hot tub cover.

Canada is a land of extreme weather and if you pay attention to geography and environmental experts, you know things are only bound to get worse over time. So why would you want to leave the water in your hot tub exposed to the ever-changing elements?

Don’t Skimp On Your Hot Tub Cover

When it comes to a hot tub cover, look to companies like Hot Tub Covers Canada. We design and manufacture our products right here in the Great White North, which means we fully appreciate what your hot tub cover needs to handle. One day it could be 90 kilometre/hour wind storms, the next it could be freezing rain followed by a sudden burst of sunshine. Which is why we use materials that can seal in the heat and keep your cover where it belongs (ask us about straps and locks).

When it comes to purchasing your first hot tub cover or a replacement hot tub cover, take the time to explore the options. When in doubt, reach out. We’d love to help you build a cover that suits your hot tub, usage and lifestyle.


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