Winter Hot Tubbing

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Rainy weather, snowy days. When the weather changes, we instinctively let ourselves become inactive. It is an innate reaction as our bodies seek out ways to keep warm. Sadly, this natural behavior is harmful to our mind and muscles.

winter tubbingWhen you drive home in the pouring rain or on snow covered streets, you inherently strain your dorsal and neck muscles. This strain can linger for a day or two, in some cases up to a week. You may also note during the fall and winter months you feel physically exhausted more often than not. Moral in office settings tends to be poor, and seasonal affective disorder can take hold. When society talks about the “winter blahs” or the “winter blues”, it is with good reason.

Fortunately, hot tub owners have the perfect defense against these fall and winter ailments.

Nothing beats climbing into hot, bubbling water for a refreshing soak on the dreariest of days. The soothing effect of water, coupled with the massaging properties of the jets, brings peace to the mind, body and soul. Water therapy has gained in popularity, as even the quickest immersion in a hot tub can restore energy, and boost your mental and physical state. In two words: total relaxation.

Next time you feel drained of energy or want to improve your mood, consider a dip in your hot tub.

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