Usher Tours in a Hot Tub

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Superstar celebrity singer Usher takes his hot tub on tour with him. His inflatable hot tub helps him relieve the stresses of life on tour, which can be considerable.

It seems that being a celebrity is not much different than being you or me. We also get stressed and we also need to remove our hot tub covers as frequently as possible.

Usher told British TV show Loose Women, “I have a few little things that make the dressing room comfortable. I really like a living space, not just dry walls. I have drapes to kind of make it feel like home. I take what I consider my therapy. There is a regimen that I have after every show where I have a cold and hot dip, so I travel with a hot tub. It’s inflatable, so every night there’s this inflatable tub that I dip into. After every show I take a cold dip and a hot dip – it’s just relieving the excitement and the pressure and the adrenaline. So I take a cold shower and pipe down and sit in the hot tub – alone!”

If you can’t get to the hot tub, make the hot tub get to you.

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