Flying Insects and Hot Tubs

Flying Insects Summer 2014 has been a mix of bizarre weather patterns and increased insect activity.  Several Hot Tub Covers Canada customers have reported dealing with a surge in bees, deer flies, and other flying insects.  Is there a way to curb this buzzing activity, so owners everywhere can soak in peace?

For those being pestered by an array of flying insects, look at your backyard décor from a new perspective. Do you have flowering plants, shrubs, fruit trees or herbs around your hot tub? If this greenery is in planters, try moving them further away from your bubbling water. Also remember to keep sweet foods, soft drinks and alcoholic coolers away from the hot tub.  If you have kids who leave freezie or ice cream wrappers lying around, ensure they pick up and discard the debris indoors.  Finally, it may be worthwhile to invest in a bug “zapper” or fully screened gazebo, depending on the severity of your flying insect infestation.

Our research also turned up interesting facts about bees.  Bees (and to a lesser degree, wasps) will seek out bodies of water to help cool their hives during the summer months.  Bees are intelligent, and once they locate a supply of water, they will continually return for more.  If you are trying to deter bees, hot tub manufacturers strongly recommend using a quality hot tub cover.  Ensure the seal is tight, and the cover is closed during the daytime hours or whenever the hot tub is not in use.

Tip from a Beekeeper

Provide an alternate water source. Use a cookie sheet, shallow glass pan or birdbath. Layer the bottom with playground or beach sand, and add fresh water just to the surface of the sand. Place the container in a shaded area, initially near your hot tub. The bees should be drawn to this new watering hole, as they can drink without the risk of drowning. Once the bees have stopped drinking from your hot tub to this new location, continue dishing up fresh water while moving the dish 2-3 feet each day.

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