Hot tub vs. Ice bath

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imgresWhether you’re recovering from a workout, or rehabbing an injury, it’s tempting to turn to your hot tub for relief. But contrary to popular belief, your hot tub may not always be the solution. Depending on the problem, an ice bath could help you recover faster, although it may not be quite as pleasant.


When you’re going for a run, working out or just finishing the last run on the ski hill, how good does a soak in the hot tub sound? On a cold winter day, it’s hard not to think of reaching the end of a run just to get in your hot tub. But before you rush to the hot tub after your workout, you might want to reconsider.

After you exercise, your joints and muscles are already inflamed. Putting them in hot water will only increase blood flow and make them more inflamed. This can leave you at risk for injury. If you want to prevent injuries and help your body recover faster, it’s better to take an ice bath.

Now, in the middle of winter, this sounds anything but appealing. But it is the best way to reduce inflammation in your joints. Just fill your tub with cold water and some ice. You only have to sit in it for a few minutes to get the full benefits.


If an injury occurs, a hot tub can help. It all depends on the kind of injury. If it involves swelling of any kind, a hot tub is not the answer. But if it involves tight muscles that need to loosen, a hot tub could be the perfect solution.

It’s always best to consult with your doctor to determine what the best solution to your injury is. But before you jump in the hot tub to recover from an intense workout, you might want to make the water a little colder first.

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