Scandalous Hot Tub Guests

Hot tubs are a great way to wow your guests. There is no better way to entertain than having friends over to share a cocktail and some laughs from the comforting warmth of your spa.

In Hollywood, you’ve got to be careful who you invite, as some guests may turn heads and raise eyebrows. Greg Smith knows this all too well.

The former Goldman Sachs executive reveals in his new tell-all book, “Why I Left Goldman Sachs”, that a weekend in Las Vegas with coworkers is just one of the many examples of the questionable actions his colleagues were infamous for.

Smith recounts an alcohol infused weekend in Vegas that was the back drop for a sinful experience involving a hot tub, and a topless woman known as “Miss Silicone”. The weekend of dangerous delights was a reflection of a corporate culture saturated with greed, luxury, and money.

Miss Silicone was known for her over-the-top surgical enhancements, and was an example of how the Goldman Sachs luxurious corporate lifestyle would lure in this type of woman.

There are always stories to be told with any party that’s hosted. Next time you host a hot tub party, we recommend sticking to friends and family as guests. We think it’s safe to say you shouldn’t extend an invitation to the girl you met on the Vegas strip, or anyone with “Silicone” in their nick name.

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