Prevent insects with your hot tub and pool covers

Believe it or not, there are more important reasons to cover your hot tub than keeping leaves and debris out. Covering your hot tub prevents insects from making a home out of your backyard. And at this time of year, this could have a serious effect on your health and comfort.


Still water attracts insects. It serves as a breeding ground for them. Basically, if you find one, you will find hundreds. So how can this affect your health?

Insects carry diseases. There is no end to the health problems an abundance of insects can cause. Possibly the most dangerous is the West Nile Virus. Even in North America, mosquitoes can carry West Nile. Just recently, there was a confirmed case in Windsor-Essex.

The more mosquitoes that breed in your backyard, the greater risk to your health. The best way to stop them from multiplying on your property is to remove or cover any still water. This means having good pool and hot tub covers, and making sure all the water is removed from the top of your pool cover.

Although a seemingly less important issue, bugs can affect your personal comfort. When it comes to your home, this is a serious concern. Not only do bugs carry disease, they also affect the cleanliness of your hot tub or pool. This can make a relaxing day in the water much less enjoyable.

So a good pool or hot tub cover means more than just keeping the leaves out. It can also make a difference on your health and personal comfort. Take a good look at your covers. Make sure your pool cover is not collecting water and that your hot tub cover does not need replacing. Keep those insects out of your backyard!

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