Hot Tub Cover Checkup

Fall is the perfect time for family gatherings and hot tubbing. The cooler days also prove ideal for performing a hot tub cover checkup. Take a couple minutes to complete a thorough inspection in daylight hours, and ensure you are not running up your hydro electricity bill.

Hot Tub Cover Checkup Step 1 – Outer Surface Vinyl

Does you vinyl have any tears? Is it cracked, brittle or dry? Vinyl will deteriorate over time, and the damage can result in heat loss. Torn or cracked vinyl occasionally be patched. A dry, brittle, flaking or cracked cover is beyond repair. A severely dried out cover can also impact the integrity and safety of your cover, especially if you have small children or pets who wander on the surface.

If you are not already doing so, a monthly cleaning and conditioning with 303 Aerospace Protectant is strongly recommended.

Hot Tub Cover Checkup Step 2 – Foam Core

The foam core is essential for proper heat retention. When you go to lift your hot tub cover, does it feel like it gained weight? A heavy cover is a clear indicator of water absorption. If you can no longer lift your cover, it is a sure sign you need to consider immediate replacement.

Does your cover sag? A sagging cover can indicate a broken foam core. This means your cover had developed gaps in the seal. It is time to consider replacement.

Do you see puddling on your hot tub cover after a storm? Puddling is commonly seen when the foam core is bowed or broken. Over time, a bowed cover will break under the weight of rainwater (or snow).

Hot Tub Cover Checkup Step 3 – Hinge

Do you have a torn hinge? The hinge is critical to your heat retention. While a small tear neat the heat seal may be repairable, large hinge tears result in considerable heat loss.

Hot Tub Cover Checkup Step 4 – Straps & Locks

Your straps and locks are integral to the safety of your cover. Ensure your tie down straps and locks are working per manufacturers guidelines. If not, please call Hot Tub Covers Canada to discuss the purchase of a replacement kit.

Hot Tub Cover Checkup Step 5 – Smell

A healthy hot tub cover should not give off any smell. If you are noticing a musty, moldy or mildew smell, ensure you have cleaned your cover and cleaned off any black mold spots. If the smell persists, you may have water rot in your foam core.

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