What are gazebo handles?

hot tub cover gazebo handleThe team at Hot Tub Covers Canada is often asked to clarify what exactly a “gazebo handle” is and why they are necessary on a hot tub cover.

Truth be told, “Gazebo Handle” is another term for the handles located inside the fold. They are added to hot tub covers to make removing and installing a hot tub cover that much easier. They offer unparalleled durability and are cross stitched for added strength. Gazebo Handles are located along the zipper portion of your replacement spa cover.

At Hot Tub Covers Canada, we manufacture our replacement spa covers so they include 4 handles and 4 straps. Sometimes, we have customers who prefer to only have 2 handles and 2 straps – and we’re happy to oblige. Others still will request an upgrade (for a nominal fee) to 6 handles and 6 straps. All told, we want to make manoeuvring your cover a breeze – so let us know what you prefer during the checkout process.

Hot Tub Covers Canada is committed to providing you with a top quality, durable Canadian-made replacement hot tub cover. For assistance with measuring or for customer support, please contact our team by phone 1.877.544.COVER or email info@hottubcoverscanada.ca




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