Hot Tub House Rules

Enjoying an evening in the hot tub is no easy task. Sure, relaxing in the hot bubbly water can be very relaxing, but if you do not come properly prepared, it can turn into a night of anguish.

Nothing ruins hot tub time more the cold, unprotected walk back to the house. But if you follow these hot tub house rules you will be worry free.

Bring your towel to the hot tub

If you’ve ever made the trip from the hot tub to the house in the cold without a towel, you know why this is important.

Use the step to get in

… because not everyone has a first aid kit on hand.

Keep a first aid kit nearby

See rule number 2.

Make sure there are lights around your hot tub

Two words: stubbed toes.

Wait 20 minutes after eating before getting in the hot tub

This rule is normally for pools, but you can never be too careful.

phones in hot tubNote:The previous rule does not apply to drinks… beverages are always welcome in the hot tub.

Turn the phone off

Nothing is that important.

So by following these simple rules, you can enjoy safe, worry-free time in your hot tub.

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