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Pool Salt Specials Flipp Hot Tub Covers CanadaWhen converting or maintaining a saltwater spa, hot tub or pool, be sure to look for specials on salt. In Canada, pool salt sales typically happen only in the summer months; so think ahead and stock up before the fall and winter months.

At Hot Tub Covers Canada, and our sister-store, Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion, our teams loves using Flipp – be it the online version or the app. If you’ve never used Flipp, it’s an amazing tool that delivers all of your favourite weekly ads to your fingertips. Added bonus: you can setup a shopping list with favourite items (like Pool Salt) and check weekly to see if any great deals are available.

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Do you have a great tool that helps you maintain your hot tub, monitor your utilities or helps reduce your costs? Send us a message at with your suggestions, comments or blog topics. We love being social and helping customers save money!

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