What Is A Hot Tub Cover Vapour Barrier?

Hot Tub Covers are constructed with a vapour barrier fully encapsulating and sealing the foam inserts.

A vapour barrier protects against the leading cause of hot tub cover destruction; water logging. The vapour barrier effectively protects water vapour from being exposed to and ruining the hot tub cover’s foam. Hot Tub Covers Canada are unique in that we offer a highly sought after 6 mil vapour barrier, while the industry standard only consists of a 2 mil vapour barrier.

Hot Tub Covers Canada Vapour Barrier InformationA stronger vapour barrier helps your cover last longer and stay lighter as it protects it from the water absorption that occurs when chemicals in your hot tub, such as chlorine and bromine, break down the integrity of the foam core.

One of the exclusive features of our hot tub covers is that we start with a 6 mil vapour barrier surrounding the foam, which completely encapsulates the insulation, and is both vacuum and heat-sealed. This provides a protective barrier to your cover to prevent water absorption, keeping your cover light over the years.

We highly recommend upgrading to include even more layers of vapour barrier as it is a small investment for the additional years your cover will remain highly efficient, light and easy to handle.

We offer 2 protection upgrades over and above the included 6 mil vapour barrier through the manufacturing process, as we can either double wrap or triple wrap the foam core of your custom cover with a second layer or third layer of 4 mil polyethylene sheeting.

The 10 mil barrier consists of 2 layers, an inner layer of 4 mil and outer layer of 6 mil.
The 14 mil barrier consists of 3 layers, an inner layer of 4 mil, a middle layer of 4 mil, and then another 6 mil outer layer is added.

In addition, each upgrade of vapour barrier protection extends the cover’s warranty period by an additional year for 100% protection against water-logging!!

Learn more about what’s inside at Hot Tub Covers Canada hot tub cover now!

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