Hot Tub Test Strips

hot tub test stripsIn order to prolong the life of your hot tub, and to ensure user safety and comfort, regular water quality analysis is essential. In the past, many hot tub owners embraced the complicated liquid test kits to guarantee balanced chemical properties. Over the years, hot tub test strips gained in popularity. Once considered inaccurate or producers of erroneous results, modern day test strips provide precise results and are economical. To ensure you are getting the most accurate water quality analysis, here are some tips from the Hot Tub Covers Canada team.

Check The Expiration Date
It may come as surprise, but hot tub test strips have expiry dates. Using outdated test strips can result in skewed readings. In order to avoid chemical imbalances, be sure to replace your test strips before they expire.

Store Test Strips Indoors
Hot tub test strips should be stored indoors, at room temperature. The container should be kept in a dark, dry location. The bottle should never be stored in direct sunlight. If a test strip container is left outside, it should be replaced before performing water analysis.

Wash and Dry Your Hands
Before touching a hot tub test strip, it is vital to wash and fully dry your hands. You do not want chemical residues from your fingers distorting the test results. Wet or damp fingers can also contaminate unused test strips in the container.

Follow Manufacturer Testing Procedures
Hot tub test strips vary by manufacturer. Every time you purchase a new bottle of test strips, read the instructions. Do not assume the test strip process has remained unchanged.

Hot tub water quality boils down to the accuracy of water analysis. By using hot tub test strips, you can keep water testing fast, simple and affordable. You invested in a hot tub to reduce stress, not create it.

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Lori Sanders
9 years ago

Oh that is a great information on how to test the hot tub. Thanks for sharing. The hot tub is very useful and I feel more relaxed when I spend time in it. I like to maintain its quality as such. Thanks for this information.

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