Homeless Hot Tub for Sale

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Are you one of those silly people who think you need to have a farm in order to own a herd of cattle?

Then you might also assume that you need to have a house in order to own a hot tub.

Sean Collins wants to prove you wrong.  The 20-year-old homeless Omaha man has a hot tub he would like to sell you for $1500.  It seems he won’t need it anymore, since he’s been arrested for “attempted theft by deception”.

It seems that you don’t need a house of your own to have a hot tub.  Just find a house that recently burned down with an intact hot tub in the yard, put a “hot tub for sale” ad in Craigslist, and show off the beauty to prospective buyers – which is what Collins did.  Oh, and try to avoid getting reported to the police by the neighbours.

No word on whether Collins tried to sell the hot tub cover, too.

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