Hot Tub Covers Canada Fall Checklist

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With back-to-school shopping out of the way and kids ensconced in school routines, many home-owners start to focus on seasonal projects.  From working on forgotten landscaping projects like an interlock walkway turned jungle or necessary tasks like cleaning eavestroughs, the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada reminds hot tub owners now is the time to inspect your cover.

Hot Tub Covers Canada Fall Checklist

hot tub covers canada fall checklistFrom high heat and humidity to heavy snowfalls and everything in-between, Canada is prone to harsh weather conditions.  Instead of discovering mid-winter your hot tub cover vinyl is cracked, your foam core is waterlogged or your hinge has failed, plan ahead.  By following a few simple steps, you can gauge the condition of your existing hot tub cover.  Visit our Hot Tub Covers Canada – Checkup and get the jump on fall cleaning and minor repairs.  Trust us, you’ll be thankful when it’s -40!

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