New Exercise Trend: Lap Pools!

Everybody loves the health benefits of a pool. Although we typically think of pool enjoyment as kicking back in an inflatable tube with martini in hand, it’s time to think about it differently. Pools are a great way to shed off a few extra pounds, and whip ourselves into shape by swimming laps.

swimmers in lap poolFor those looking for a great work out, a lap pool is the ideal solution. A lap pool is designed specifically for swimming laps. They offer swimmers clean, quiet, convenience without taking up a lot of space. Typically, lap pools are long and narrow, and pretty easy to maintain.

But what if your backyard isn’t big enough for a pool you can swim laps in? The “Endless Pool” is the perfect solution. Invented in the 1980s, the endless pool shoots out a current from the front end that offers swimmers varying resistance levels. Essentially, the swimmer stays in one place while swimming, providing the same calorie burning power of a lap pool, without taking up all of that space.

We love pools because they have so many different uses. Whether it’s for getting some exercise, or kicking back and basking in the sun, a pool is the perfect option!

We want to know: What do you use your pool for: swimming laps, or lounging back?

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