Should Pools be Banned at Day Care Facilities?

daycare pools2010 marked the worst day in Mr. Audette’s life. His two year old boy was being watched at an unregistered daycare, when he drowned in a small pool.

A recent inquest recommends banning pools from daycares across Canada, and Audette thinks it’s a good idea. He credits a lack of supervision for his son’s horrific incident. Audette hopes that the new inquest will prevent future incidents from happening to others.

The jury made numerous recommendations, all of which emphasize safe pool usage. The suggestions included banning kiddie pools at any private home daycare, matching the ratio of adults to children at both licensed and unlicensed daycares, and requiring all unlicensed daycares to register with the provincial Ministry of Education. Enforcing all of these recommendations, including fully enclosed pools, was also at the top of the jury’s agenda.

Pool safety should always be top priority. Make sure that your pool is fenced, and that children are always supervised.

Do you think banning pools from daycare will prevent future incidents?

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