Healthy Hot Tub Cover Habits

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Healthy Hot Tub Cover Habits

The new year is a perfect time to implement healthy hot tub cover habits.  If you have been neglecting your cover, now is the time to put a new plan into place.


10 Healthy Hot Tub Cover Habits

1. Never lift your hot tub cover by its skirt
2. Always use your hot tub cover handles, gently lifting on and off. If possible, invest in a cover lifter.
2. Do not leave your hot tub cover on the ground for prolonged periods.
3. Do not drag your hot tub cover on the ground.
4. Do not use a shovel to clear snow or ice from your hot tub cover.
5. Do not immediately cover your hot tub after shocking.
6. Unbalanced water can damage your cover prematurely. Follow a regular water and cover cleaning schedule.
7. Do not store heavy objects, including patio furniture or outdoor décor, on your cover.
8. Tears or punctures should be immediately patched to preserve the cover and interior.
9. Invest in a floating spa blanket or Thermal-Foam.  These blankets help improve heat retention and prolong the life of the underside of a hot tub cover.
10. Perform a monthly hot tub cover checkup.

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