Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Malley Family Hot Tub Covers made by Hot Tub Covers Canada

Worried about taking measurements for a replacement hot tub cover? Don’t be!

Follow along with our handy guide and rest assured the Hot Tub Covers team will review your supplied measurements against our database to verify the fitment.


The following 4 tips on how to correctly measure your hot tub will ensure that you receive a hot tub cover that fits:

1. Measurements should be taken from the hot tub first and not the old cover as the old cover may have warped or shrank. If the old cover still fits well you can take the measurements to use for verification purposes. But remember measure both the hot tub and the old hot tub cover twice. If the measurements between the hot tub and the old cover differ at all it is advised to use the measurements from the hot tub itself.

2. When taking length and width measurements ensure you provide them to us in inches, and always add an half inch (.5) to each side – or one inch extra in total. When taking the measurements it is better to be a little over than a little under. A half an inch too much in length will not make much of a difference, the cover will still fit, however a half-inch too short in width or height and the hot tub cover will not fit well in the summer.

3. Include the overall length and width of the hot tub when providing your measurements, as your new hot tub cover will be made according to the information you provide. Hot Tub Covers Canada can ensure that we make a hot tub cover that fits properly, but only if we have all the dimensions.

4. At Hot Tub Covers Canada we can accommodate any special requirements such as speakers, handles or extra cutouts, as well as make hot tub covers up to a maximum of 96” in length or width. Any cover over 96 inches is considered a custom order and will be quoted on a per cover basis. If you require any of the above considerations or if your cover measures larger that 96” in any dimension, please contact us at


From online videos to diagrams, we’ve got you covered!

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