Winter Stress On Hot Tub Covers

Snow, ice and high winds can put undue stress on hot tub covers during the winter months. Why not extend the life of your investment by following a few simple tips from the Hot Tub Covers Canada team.

winter stress snow hot tubUse A Broom
Do not allow snow or ice to form on your hot tub cover during the winter months. The weight puts stress on the cover, and moisture can cause irreparable damage. A shovel might seem like the fastest way to remove snow, but the sharp edges can leave nicks or cuts. Instead, an affordable soft bristle push broom can keep your cover safe.

Handling Your Cover
As tempting as it may be to speed up the process, you should never carry your hot tub cover by the corners or straps. Grasp your cover by the handles, or consider installing a cover lifter to help reduce strain. Finally, never drag a hot tub cover across the ground. Rough snow and ice can can cause scratches, punctures or tears.

Secure The Safety Straps
High winds are not uncommon during a typical Canadian winter. Hot tub covers are outfit with safety straps not only to keep children and pets safe, but to ensure your cover is spared from wind damage.

No Walking On Unsupported Covers
Unless you own an Ultimate or Supreme Walk-On Cover, adults, children and pets should adhere to a key hot tub safety rule. No walking, running or jumping on the hot tub cover!

winter stress snow hot tubHot Tub Cover Caps
Consider investing in a Cover Cap. Manufactured from tough, durable woven polyethylene, the Hot Tub Covers Canada Cover Cap is designed to protect your rigid cover from the elements. Available in black and silver, the Cover Cap is made for any size and shape hot tub. To learn more about the benefits of the Cover Cap, and check out our mid-winter promotional pricing, please visit our Cover Cap page.


We hope these simple tips help you enjoy the beauty of our cold Canadian winter, from the warmth your hot tub!

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10 years ago

It was during the last summer that we bought our hot tub cover from Buy Factory Direct Spa Covers at Ontario . Winter had hit Canada and it is freezing cold here . This article is going to be very useful ! Thanks for the article!

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