History of Jacuzzi Brand

Jacuzzi was the brand that started it all for hot-tub lovers, and the name still reigns as the generic trademark for the definition of hot tub or amongst avid users today (similarly to how we oftentimes refer to facial tissues as ‘Kleenex’, or adhesive bandages as ‘Band-Aids’).

More interestingly, the Jacuzzi history is truly one of finding hope and newfound solutionswithin the difficulties brought forward by life experience, a story that honestly exemplifies necessity being the mother of invention.

In the early 1900’s, the seven Jacuzzi brothers immigrated from Italy to reside on the West Coast of Berkeley, California as machinists.

Inspired after witnessing an airshow at the 1915 PanamaPacific Exposition, brother Rachele helped steer the direction of the initial Jacuzzi Brothers brand into making aircraft propellers until brother Giocondo sadly lost his life in a crash involving one oftheir planes in 1921.

Decidedly moving away from making aircraft from then on, brother Rachele was able to apply the family’s knowledge of hydraulics in order to advance the current technologies and efficiency behind deep well agricultural pumps. This was the beginning of Jacuzzi’s unfolding recognition in innovative machinery. Having created an entirely new kind of pump, the troupe received aGold Medal for their technologies at the California State Fair in1930.

In 1948, frustrated with witnessing his 15-month old son, Kenneth’s, suffering of rheumatoid arthritis, brother Candido applied the company’s knowledge into developing a submersible bathtub pump that created a relieving and therapeutic whirlpool. This pump was further developed and set out to market in 1955 as the “J-300”. A soothing at-home aid that offered great relaxation and health benefits came to be seen as a key facet of luxury living, and the Jacuzzi hot tub business, including further developments, quite literally propelled from that point onward.

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