Bathe In Your Favourite Beverages

bathing in green tea trendWhat’s the newest gimmick in hot tubs these days? How would you like to take a bath in a tub of coffee? No? Maybe tea? Sake? Wine? How about a bowl of soup? As bizarre as it may sound, you can do all these things in one of Japan’s famous onsen (spas).

So are there real benefits to bathing in different food and beverages or is it all just some weird scheme to get more customers? Read on to find out.

The coffee pool is supposedly an effective treatment from the recovery of fatigue, and is beneficial to the skin. Apparently it contains real coffee, though not nearly as much as the cup you drank this morning. Still, a few times a day staff will come by and pour real coffee into the spa.

The green tea pool boasts enhancement for your immune system as it contains anti-oxidants. It’s also good for your skin. More skin remedies? I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything that’s not good for your skin. The tea spa has real green tea in it.

Then there’s a sake pool and a wine pool, both apparently filled with some of the real stuff. Not much though as this is a kid friendly place. Anyway I doubt dunking your head under and taking a few gulps from pool water that sees hundreds of tourists a day is really a good idea, free alcohol or not. Are their any benefits to bathing in sake and wine? Surprise, surprise! They’re both good for your skin. Your skin is going to be amazing after a day here.

Perhaps the most bizarre of all though is the ramen pool. Ramen is a noodle based soup that’s very popular in Japan. Throughout the day staff members even come by and put ramen noodles in the pool. Seriously. Please don’t tell me soup is good for my skin as well, I’m pretty sure this one is just a gimmick for the kids.

Anyway as fun as it must be to bathe in a selection of beverages, I think I’d rather stick to drinking them out of cups, and leave my bathing to good old fashioned water.

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