Extreme Hot-Tubbing

Ready to take your hot tub experience to the next level? A group of hot-tub enthusiasts in Switzerland are one step ahead of you! The group successfully enjoyed a soak in a hot tub that they constructed and suspended from a bridge 500 feet above a canyon.

Using ropes and cables, they suspended their make-shift hot tub 130 feet under the 620 foot high New Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland. The hot tub fit 24 adventurous bathers, and the stunt took about 6 hours to put together. Water was heated in a second hot tub on the bridge, then lowered into the hot tub and kept at a toasty 38C by a gas-powered heater that was also suspended on the hot tub platform.

Pierre, a member of the group who is an architect and mountaineer, stated “It must have taken around 2,500 hours to plan for just 2.5 hours in the jacuzzi but it was definitely worth it.” The group enjoyed cake and champagne in the hot tub, and enjoyed the view.

This isn’t the group’s first attempt at extreme hot tubbing. They’ve been dreaming up bizarre jacuzzi challenges for 10 years now. In 2007 they constructed, then relaxed in, the world’s highest hot tub on Europe’s Mont Blanc, after carrying all the materials to the summit themselves.

Warning: Don’t try this at home! The group had their design assessed by an engineer before attempting the stunt, and are experienced mountaineers.

getting materials over bridge for jacuzzi

jacuzzi is built on suspended platform

mountaineers propel down to completed hot tub

hot tubbers propelling down to suspended jacuzzi

group of climbers in jacuzzigroup of climbers in suspended jacuzzi

aerial view of suspended jacuzzi

extreme hot tub suspended from bridge

Images taken from: Jaccuzzi.ch Check out the full gallery of their experience on their website!

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