Local Love during a Global Crisis

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Looking for a way to #SupportLocal and #SupportCanadian while staying at home?

1. Shop online! Many businesses, ours included, are still working to fulfill orders and ensure you get the products you want and need.

2. Buy an in-store gift card to use later. You’ve probably seen this idea trending and it can be a HUGE help to small businesses. If you can’t find the option to purchase a gift card online, why not take the time to email or call the merchant. They will appreciate the outreach and be thrilled you wanted to support them.

3. Share positive and uplifting social media messages, especially of stores, industries and organizations who are working to support local families and communities. This helps grow everyone’s social networks, while showing how strong and united we are as a nation 🇨🇦

4. Shopped with us or another local store? Why not take some time to leave a review on Google, Facebook, or other online spots.

In closing, THANK YOU for your continued support of local businesses and industry during this time!

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