Hot Tub and a Movie

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hot tub movie theatre in LondonIs there any activity that can’t be done in a hot tub? You’ve heard the phrase ‘everything has been done already’ right? Well if you changed it to ‘everything’s been done in a hot tub’ you’d probably be wrong.

People are still combining their love for hot tubs and various other activities in new and interesting ways. Recently Asher Charman of London decided to take his love for hot tubs and movies, and create a kind of hot tub movie theatre. Guests pay anywhere between 25 to 200 pounds for a spot in one of his 15 tubs placed on a roof terrace overlooking the London skyline.

Ok I’ll admit that I’m not totally sold on this idea, I mean I’m not sure I could watch a whole movie in a hot tub. Sure hot tubs are great, but sitting in one throughout a 2 hour movie seems a bit long. Just think of how wrinkled your fingers would be! That’s just me though, maybe people regularly spend hours sitting around in their tubs? The price tag is a bit off putting as well. 200 pounds is like $300 bucks!

Anyway what interesting hot tub combination will people think of next?

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