Chemical Application

chemical applicationDid you know more than 50% of hot tub and spa owners perform chemical applications incorrectly? While it may seem straightforward, there are in fact several rules to follow. In this installment of The Under Cover Press, we walk through a few of the overlooked basics.

Step One – Test Your Water
Help your chemicals work efficiently. Always test your hot tub water before starting the chemical application process. You want to ensure your Alkalinity and pH are stable and balanced before adding chlorine or shock.

Step Two – Run Your Hot Tub
Ask any hot tub manufacturer or maintenance firm, and you will discover running your hot tub or spa is the best way to improve your chemical application. By running your jets, the chemical mixing process is improved. Products do not sink or saturate one area. Instead, the jets help circulate the chemicals throughout the water.

Step Three – Cover Off
Protect your hot tub cover. Allow chemicals to gas off. Chlorine, shock and other additives need time to breathe. Simply lifting your cover, throwing in chemicals, and replacing your hot tub cover is not sufficient. Based on data from the hot tub and spa industry: chemicals should be circulated for 20 minutes before re-fastening a hot tub cover.

Step Four – Prepare and Measure
Review labels on your chemicals, and measure out the correct amounts. Never guess or carelessly throw chemicals into a hot tub or spa. By pre-measuring, you can ensure the chemical containers are not exposed to damp hands or fingers. Measuring also ensures you are making the most of your chemicals, a savings factor in the long run.

We hope these steps and reminders help improve your hot tub ownership experience. From novice to expert, we all have questions or comments. If you would like to share your hot tub best-practices, we welcome your comments.

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