Ice Bath vs Hot Tub

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All this talk of ‘hot’ tubs. Is there any such thing as an ice tub?

Surprisingly yes.

The idea may not sound appealing to many, but ice bathing is currently undergoing a sharp increase in popularity. Sometimes referred to as ‘cold-water immersion therapy’, it is a technique being increasing used in sports therapy following a period of intense exercise.

Despite its popularity however, the method is still seen by many in the scientific community as controversial and potentially dangerous. Some of the speculative benefits however are: injury prevention, faster recovery after a hard workout, muscle repair, reduction of muscle inflammation, better sleep, less muscle stiffness, and weight loss. Sounds good but what about the cons? Well the most obvious is the fact that it’s painful. Think about holding an ice cube in your hand and then imagine the feeling over your whole body. There’s also a risk of hypothermia and frostbite depending on how cold the water is.

Despite the risks, and the fact that there is almost no scientific evidence supporting it, ice bathing seems to be growing in popularity in a number of sports, as well as being lauded by a number of top athletes who ‘swear by it’.

All I know is that if given a choice between a hot tub and an ice bath, I’d go with the hot tub every time.

To each his/her own!

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