Golden Hot Tub

Thinking of investing in gold? Instead of buying gold coins or bars, you might want to consider something a little more useful, like a gold plated hot tub. Think about it. Gold coins just sit around in a safe, and while pretty to look at, don’t have much entertainment value. A gold plated hot tub however ensures that your investment is put to more use than just a hedge against future currency crises, it’s also a source of fun and relaxation!

Before you laugh this off and skip to the next article, be advised that a gold plated hot tub is not just a whimsical fantasy, such a thing actually exists! You can thank the designers at Arcaro Martini for making sure the 1% has something other than sports cars and mansions to spend their money on.

How much you may ask? No doubt if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it. How does a cool $100,000 sound to you? A steal?

Apparently Elvis had a gold plated sink on his private jet. Wait a minute, just a sink? That’s it? Well if nothing else a gold plated hot tub will at least give you the satisfaction of one upping the King of Rock n’ Roll!

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