Winterized Pool Cover Maintenance

The key to successful winterized pool cover maintenance stems from a properly installed pool cover.

poolcoverfailureDuring the fall closing, your winterized pool cover should have been pulled taut over the water surface.  If secured correctly, the cover is designed to withstand substantial weight from snow and ice.  In years with abundant accumulation, pool owners report higher instances of damage.  In order to protect your pool integrity and structure, safety inspections can result in less repairs and faster spring reopening.

At the beginning of winter, snow is generally light and fluffy.  To avoid an early build-up, a leaf blower can disburse the snow from a winterized pool cover.  As the snow continues to fall, a long broom or squeegee can be used to keep the cover clean.  Available at your local pool supply store, these cleaning tools do not have any sharp edges.  When used correctly, they can keep your cover free from rips, tears or punctures.  In the event snow melts during a mid-winter thaw, consider using a pump or siphon to reduce the water weight.  Never use a snow shovel for winter pool cover maintenance!

With snow management under control, it is now time to conduct a visual audit.  The straps, anchors, spring releases and grommets are subject to intense strain and stress.  It may be necessary to re-tighten certain components from time to time.  Your goal with this inspection is to avoid a loosened or unsecured cover.  In the event high winds pick up, your cover can act like a sail.  Resulting damage is commonly seen on coping, residual supports or anchors.  If you are unsure how to inspect or tighten your winterized pool cover, an experienced pool maintenance company can help.

winterized pool cover maintenanceFinally, winterized pool cover maintenance also involves water safety.  Pool owners, especially those with children or pets, should understand a winterized pool cover is NOT a safety device.  Microscopic tears, punctures or stretching can occur to the cover at any time.  Unsuspecting children or pets can find themselves in danger should a cover collapse into the icy water.

Winterized pool cover maintenance may seem cumbersome on those cold, blustery days, but it is a necessary procedure to keep your family safe, and your pool secure.

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