Hot Tub Etiquette

hot tub etiquetteEvery hot tub owner has their own rules when it comes to hot tub etiquette. Whether you are soaking with family or friends, here are general guidelines to follow when you’ve been invited to a hot tub party.

Hot Tub Etiquette – Soft Goods

Bring a suit or go nude? First and foremost, ask the owners! It can be downright embarrassing if you opt to go nude, and your hosts are in bathing suits. Alternatively, some hot tub owners elect to only allow full nudity, to avoid laundry detergent residue from entering the water.

Rinse your suit. Many inexperienced hot tub users are not aware laundry detergent residue will mix with the bubbling water, and create surface foam and froth. If you are using a swimsuit, be sure to thoroughly rinse before entering a well-maintained hot tub.

Bring a towel. While most hosts are happy to provide a towel, it does create added laundry. Be considerate, and bring your own towel.

Hot Tub Etiquette – Personal Hygiene

Bathe before visiting. Take the time to shower or bathe before you visit your hosts and their hot tub. Wash off all perfume or cologne, body lotion, heavy deodorant and other skin products.

Open cuts, wounds, rashes or infections? Stay out!

Clean your feet. Be sure to clean your feet before entering a hot tub. Grass clippings, leaves and dirt particulates can be frustrating for your hosts to remove.

Hot Tub Etiquette – Creature Comforts

Bubbles or Aromatherapy Oils. Always ask permission before introducing bubble bath, oils or other exotic substances into hot tub water.

Beverages. When drinking in or around a hot tub, be sure to use a plastic cup. Be respectful of your hosts’ rules regarding alcohol, as its effects are swift while soaking in high temperatures. Remember to always rehydrate before, during and after your hot tub dip.

Munchies. Most hosts will ask you to exit the hot tub, have a snack while you cool off, then resume your soak. Other owners may provide simple finger foods like fruit and veggies, which do not cause as much chaos if spilled. Regardless of what your host permits, always adhere to their rules.

Rotate! Modern day hot tub have a variety of seating positions and jet locations. Be attentive of other guests, and be sure to rotate spots to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. In the event there are more guests than spots in the tub, be prepared to rotate out the water at various intervals.

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