No kids allowed! (in Jersey-area Hot Tubs)

no kids in new jersey public hot tubsApparently the state of New Jersey doesn’t like the idea of kids in hot tubs. The state’s Senate Health Committee passed a bill on October 2nd that makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 17 to use a hot tub in a commercial space.

That’s right, I said 17! Now I’ll admit that when I’m relaxing in a public hot tub and some kids come along, start splashing around, screaming, and even jumping into the hot tub, I get a little peeved. Hot tubs aren’t swimming pools and shouldn’t be treated as such. Parents who take their kids to public hot tubs have a responsibility to make sure they behave.

17 years old though?

I can understand if the law stated kids under 12 weren’t allowed, but 17 seems a bit strange. We’re not talking about alcohol and cigarettes here, we’re talking hot water. Maybe it’s just me but if I was 17 again, staying in a hotel with my parents, I’d feel pretty put out.

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