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  • Winterized Pool Cover Maintenance

    Feb 19, 14 • Pool Maintenance, Pools, SafetyNo Comments
    Winterized Pool Cover Maintenance

    The key to successful winterized pool cover maintenance stems from a properly installed pool cover. During the fall closing, your winterized pool cover should have been pulled taut over the water surface.  If secured correctly, the cover is designed to withstand substantial weight from snow and ice.  In years with abundant accumulation, pool owners report
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  • Winterizing your hot tub

    Dec 14, 13 • Hot TubsNo Comments
    Winterizing your hot tub

    It’s coming; snow, ice, below-freezing temperatures. Yes, like it or not, winter is on its way. Which means it’s time to get your hot tub ready for winter, also known as winterizing it. While hot tubs are perfect for warm relaxation in the winter, many choose to close their hot tubs for the season. Maybe
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