Water safety tips

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Whether you have a pool or hot tub, you need to be aware of proper safety around water to prevent accidents. In order to make your water time an enjoyable experience, keep these safety tips in mind:

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Never leave children alone near the pool or hot tub

This may seem obvious, but sometimes turning your head for even a second can be devastating. Whether it’s a pool or hot tub, small children should never be left unattended.

You can put up a gate around your pool to ensure children do not wander to the water area without you knowing. Keep an eye out and keep your children safe.

Teach your kids about water safety

Eventually, your kids will get to an age where watching over them all the time is not so easy. Make sure they know how to stay safe around water. Enroll your kids in swimming class to make them strong swimmers. If they are not strong swimmers yet, ensure they know to wear safety gear such as life jackets when needed.

Make rules about when they can be in the water and when they shouldn’t be, like when they are alone.

Cover your pool or hot tub

A good cover will prevent accidental falls. Make sure your pool or hot tub has a cover on at all times that it is not being used. Take a look at our line of pool and hot tub covers to find one that works for you.

In backyards, children can run around and lose sight of safety precautions. Having a good cover ensures that a fall or trip does not turn tragic.

Watch children in hot tubs

Unlike adults, children cannot handle long periods of heat. Their small bodies overheat quickly, even if they do not show obvious signs.

When in the hot tub with your kids, keep track of time and make sure they take breaks from the hot water. Give them plenty of water to prevent dehydration as well.

Keep flotation devices on hand

As always, keep safety devices near the water to prevent accidents. You need to prepare for anything when you have water near you. Store and maintain proper water safety gear close to your pool or hot tub for easy access to lifesaving material.

Having a pool or hot tub gives your family endless opportunities for fun and excitement. If you take proper steps to ensure safety, you can enjoy this will a lot less worry on your mind.

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